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  • The ocean accomodates rivers from all directions

    The swallow builds its nests in countless households

    Trustworthiness exchanges for gold

    Prosperity lasts forever without end

    To make friends with insights with bearing of accomodating all rivers into the ocean

    To accumulate bit by bit with the spirit of swallow's building nests in countless households

    A dhering to scientific research and innovation Believing in the motto of "Trustworthiness is gold"

    Pursuing mutual benefits Winning permanent prosperity
    ● Corporate spirit / winning by resolute implementation and pioneering innovations
    ● Operating strategy / Oriented by the market,motivated by science and technology,dau-ntless and persistent in making progress and blazing new trails.
    ● Quality philosophy / Always endeavoring to do still the better and pursuing excellence
    ● Working style / Trust in employees in their work;Match with one's words with his dee-ds;kKeep on fighting in spite of all setbacks.
    ● Corporate motto / Putting repuation the first,making innovations with science and technology
    ● Quality objective / Heart for heart,communicating frankly and h-onestly;Hand in hand,walking towards a win-win-result.